At Pacific Hearts Dentistry, we focus on more than just your child’s oral health. We also care about their overall wellbeing. If we notice they are sucking their thumb, Dr. Rawaha Memon is trained to assist parents in helping their child break this possibly detrimental habit.

We understand that most toddlers are not interested in giving up this constant, and often reassuring, source of pleasure. More importantly, we believe it is crucial for infants to be able to sooth themselves. However, if your child’s thumb and finger sucking continues past the eruption of their permanent teeth, your child can sustain changes to their jaw shape, bite, and teeth. Their speech can also be affected, and many thumb suckers will need speech therapy.

A pacifier is not necessarily a replacement for thumb sucking, but it can be more easily controlled and modified. We recommend the following options to address this habit:

  • Focus on correcting their cause of anxiety rather than the habit itself
  • Provide comfort to your child if they are sucking for contentment as this will lessen their need to suck
  • Our dentist can explain the cons of thumb sucking and also encourage them to stop
  • Bandaging their thumb or putting a sock on their hand at night may also be necessary if other approaches are unsuccessful.

Our pediatric dentist may recommend a mouth appliance as well, depending on the severity of your child’s habit. If you have questions or concerns about thumb sucking prevention in Irving, Texas, please contact our practice at 972-957-3577.