Fluoride is provided by Dr. Rawaha Memon as a far-reaching dental procedure that is also helpful to parents. With fluoride treatments in Irving, Texas, your child can have long-lasting protection against dental caries, saving you time and money. We hope to see you soon at Pacific Hearts Dentistry for a visit with our pediatric dentist, and invite you to call 972-957-3577 if you have any questions.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Our pediatric dentist and his team are dedicated to providing advanced and applicable services at Pacific Hearts Dentistry. So, we are pleased to offer silver diamine fluoride in Irving, Texas, as a more affordable and effective preventive service. The clear liquid is applied with a small brush in very small amounts – one drop is enough for multiple teeth. It is also new in America, so while it is more cost-friendly, many insurance plans do not cover yet it.

Silver diamine fluoride has been heavily researched, and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce dental hypersensitivity. The application can be used to stop cavities as it eliminates dental bacteria and prevents further decay. It is colorless, odorless, and simply looks like water. However, this unique type of fluoride does make cavities and other defects darker so they can become more noticeable. Sound, healthy tooth structures will not be stained by silver diamine fluoride. It can also stain skin, clothing, countertops, flooring, and dental instruments. For this reason, silver diamine fluoride is useful in caries diagnosis in children and adults.

Dr. Rawaha Memon applies fluoride usually every six months, or at smaller intervals if needed. We do not recommend this solution if a child has an allergy to silver or other heavy-metal ions. Please contact our office at 972-957-3577 if you have questions.

Its All About The Heart

Our team practices from the heart, with our patients’ best interests in mind. We have an ability to connect with children with a sympathetic ear and caring touch. Our kind and compassionate dental team truly aspires to be the best dental healthcare providers for your children.