Support Your Child’s Smile With Sedation Dentistry

Are you familiar with sedation dentistry and how it works? Modern dentistry allows for state-of-the-art treatments and cutting-edge technologies to provide comfortable dental visits whenever your child needs them. Through sedation dentistry, various treatments can be used to minimize the discomfort that your child may feel. If you are only... Read more »

Your Child’s Regularly Schedule Dental Checkup May Include a Simple Fluoride Treatment

Healthy teeth rely on strong tooth enamel to both prevent tooth decay and provide them with the strength to safely break down food. Brushing your child's teeth twice each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste as well as remembering to floss once per day helps remove the bacterial... Read more »

The Pediatric Dentist is a Friend to Your Special Needs Child

If you have a special needs child, or a child with behavioral problems requiring a compassionate approach, you may want to consider a pediatric dentist. While many people do not know this fact, they are trained to treat more than just baby teeth. It takes a special kind of person... Read more »

Your Child Needs a Dental Checkup in Their First Year

Getting your child off to a good start encompasses many very important factors. This includes their oral health and development. Oftentimes getting them off on the right foot when they are young helps significantly increase your child’s chances of maintaining a healthy mouth throughout their adult life. The American Dental... Read more »

How Dental Sealants Keep Kids’ Smiles Strong

Your child’s teeth all serve their own function and are specifically shaped with unique characteristics to perform tasks such as biting and chewing food to aid in digestion. The molars and premolars serve the primary function of grinding and chewing food, and their chewing surfaces are shaped with deep pits... Read more »

Teaching Children To Brush Their Teeth

Teaching children to brush their teeth every day is hard. Here are some ideas to help your child develop the habit of brushing their teeth: Family Time: Good hygiene habits require brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing for two to three minutes once a day. If you... Read more »

Should We Discouraging Thumb Sucking?

Does your child suck their thumb or finger? Are you concerned about this habit? It may be a perfectly normal and acceptable habit for infants and toddlers, but when does it need to come to a close? Can sucking on a thumb really affect their teeth? The answer is over... Read more »

Tips for Choosing the Right Electric Toothbrush for You

Are you interested in brushing with an electric toothbrush? If so, good for you! Electric toothbrushes can properly and effectively clean the teeth. Before you purchase your new brush, our pediatric dentist, Dr. Rawaha Memon, encourages you to consider a few things. To choose the best brush possible, it’s important... Read more »

Getting Ready for Baby’s First Dental Exam

Checkups to our office can be a good experience for everyone. We know that bringing very young children into the office can be a tough time for some families, but it’s very important since the dental health of children can get out of control hastily if it’s not monitored by... Read more »

An Untreated Dental Fracture Can Lead to Other Complications

Modest chips and dental fractures that are limited to a tooth’s enamel layer, don’t always result in sensitivity and discomfort. Yet you shouldn’t let the absence of immediate complications lure you into the idea of forgoing professional treatment. Even a seemingly minor physical defect could host a variety of latent... Read more »