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Checkups to our office can be a good experience for everyone. We know that bringing very young children into the office can be a tough time for some families, but it’s very important since the dental health of children can get out of control hastily if it’s not monitored by a professional. Here are some suggestions on how you can make your first visits to our office successful.

Before coming into our office, practice having your child open their oral cavity on command. This will assist the dentist as they check and clean your child’s pearly whites when the time comes. If your child is old enough, you might watch dental videos with them and explain what the dentist does and why they do it.

Another method to make your visit easier is to ask for the dental forms ahead of time; filling forms out from home is much easier than filling them out in our office when you have a restless child with you. Finally, prepare a list of questions for your doctor so that they can give you advice on maintaining the best oral health for your child.

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