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Modest chips and dental fractures that are limited to a tooth’s enamel layer, don’t always result in sensitivity and discomfort. Yet you shouldn’t let the absence of immediate complications lure you into the idea of forgoing professional treatment. Even a seemingly minor physical defect could host a variety of latent complications.

Sometimes chipped tooth enamel leads to compromised structural integrity. This could increase your chances of suffering a more significant and very painful dental fracture.

In other cases, the minute textures created by the chipped tooth enamel can start to accumulate bacterial deposits. As time goes on this could cause a large area of tooth decay to affect the already distressed tooth.

If the affected area of tooth enamel is small Dr. Rawaha Memon might be able to repair the chipped tooth by installing a dental filling made from metallic amalgam or composite resin. This will essentially seal the void in the tooth enamel to prevent bacterial deposits from accumulating.

Once he has prepared the tooth enamel surface and applied the dental filling material, it will be cured and married to the surrounding tooth enamel with a special ultraviolet light. This will bond its relationship to the tooth for many years to come.

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