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Did you know that your teen years are some of the most dangerous for your oral health? Not only are the last of your teeth, the wisdom teeth, growing in, but numerous activities including peer pressure events and contact sports, are present. Thus, it is essential to exercise caution with all risk that can arise as a teen.

In order to best protect yourself as a teen, it is important to always make sure to use the appropriate oral health care treatments and techniques to not only keep your smile safe but to prevent any damage from occurring. However, peer pressure can have a huge impact on the oral health of a teen. Numerous risks including smoking, using drugs, and wearing mouth jewelry all heavily influenced your smile. Thus, it is essential to avoid any bad habits that can find their way to you.

Another major contributor to oral accidents and injuries to a teen’s smile is sports. Although we don’t recommend avoiding sports altogether as they can be highly rewarding in other areas, it is essential to always wear the appropriate safety gear including guards and face masks when available. In the event of blunt trauma, it is always important to have active safety gear in place.

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