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You may have heard of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. It is one of many methods pediatric dentists use to calm patients while they perform operations that would feel unpleasant. Here is a general explanation of why it is used and how it works.

Nitrous oxide is generally applied using a mask, so there is no fear of injections. The gas has no color or odor, so you need not be concerned about your child being bothered by any unpleasant smells while it is in use.

The gas also works quickly to give your child a relaxed feeling. Not only that, the body can usually remove it quickly as well.

Nitrous oxide has the advantage of allowing your child to remain awake during the procedure. This way, the pediatric dentist can ask your child pertinent questions and get a response. Your child can also respond to instructions he gives you.

Once the job is done, the pediatric dentist can give your child oxygen in order to flush the remaining gas. The oxygen also helps your child regain full awareness.

While laughing gas is considered a safe method, understand that some conditions your child may have can make it unsafe. Discuss your child’s health history with the pediatric dentist to learn if he or she has anything that might lead to problems with the laughing gas.

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